Flower Arrangements in Melbourne

BG flowers has supplied gorgeous floral arrangements to Melbourne for over a decade. Our team has experience crafting elegant and chic bouquets across the world, including Japan, Korea and New Zealand. We thrive on our love for beautiful blooms and providing our customers the perfect arrangement for their tastes.

There are lots of benefits to having a professional flower arrangement made. Not only do our designers know which colours work well together, we each add our own special touch to craft something truly special. We also know how to cut and treat the flowers to keep them staying fresh for as long as possible, giving you excellent value for money.

Browse our favourite floral arrangements below

Searching for inspiration for that perfect floral arrangement? The Tantalising Tulips are a personal favourite of ours, due to their classic appeal and lasting freshness and colour. Our designers select by hand from our premium tulips, so you know you’re getting the very best.

To learn more about our stunning floral arrangements, contact us today. We love working with our customers to find the right arrangement for the occasion.

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