Corporate & Event Floral Arrangements

Create the perfect atmosphere and leave an impression at your next corporate function or event. At BG Flowers, we care about collaborating with our clients to create success. We’ll add the finer, important details to your venue that will impress your guests while adding life and vitality to your event.

Adding a splash of colour to your venue with flowers is perfect for livening up any environment, however the benefits of event flower decoration stretch far beyond the visual elements. Plants and flowers oxygenate rooms and are proven to increase productivity in corporate settings. Elevate your guests’ moods and encourage them to find a peaceful and active state of mind for your event!

More than just flowers

We’ve brightened up the streets of Melbourne for over 13 Years. We know your venue and will create arrangements that are perfectly suited to every individual location.

Our event florists can create options to suit all budgets. We have affordable event floral arrangements for those looking to add life to a corporate event and are always happy to collaborate to create an arrangement that’s suitable for your space and budget. For those hosting more upmarket events, we have exclusive corporate flower arrangements that are sure to turn heads. Whichever scale of the market you’re opting for, BG Flowers assures excellent value for money and absolute customer satisfaction.

Our specialist florists have over 10 years of international experience in supplying floral arrangements for corporate events. Arrange a time to meet with our team to discuss your next venture. We’ll add more than just flowers to your event…