More than just flowers…

with BG Flowers!

Striking colours so pleasing to our eyes, the unforgettable fragrance that flows through our bodies, the textures so delicate to touch… There is so much more to flower arrangements than first meets the eye.

Flowers are an expression of beauty, adding abundance and life to the special moments in our lives. BG flowers offers years of expertise and a passion for creating floral arrangements to suit all occasions. We’re the first step to holding Mother Nature’s beautiful blooms in your hands…

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Just Because….

The art to creating unique and elegant bouquets resonates deep within our talented experts. Our broad knowledge allows us to draw inspiration from around the world to bring perfect, heartfelt creations to Melbourne. Leave your ideas with us, as we use hand selected, seasonal blooms to create a beautifully customised arrangement. A simple and affordable option for those needing guidance in designing the perfect flower bouquet. Let our expertise bring your ideas to life.

Whispers of


Plant life doesn’t have to end inside four walls…. Next time you open the doors to your home or office, open up to a personalised indoor space filled with majestic terrariums, fragrant herbs or a delicate orchid. Brighten a sophisticated space, or add an earthy touch to a modern room with a hanging terrarium, glass terrarium or succulent terrarium. Our options are tailored to suit any space and are sure to bring a fresh perspective of life to your indoor space.

Flowers for your

Special Day

The love in his eyes, the look on your loved one’s faces and the happiness that fills the air, are what makes wedding days so memorable. Celebrate your love in an abundance of beauty, with tasteful floral arrangements. Every bride and groom have a vision for celebrating their union and BG Flowers takes pride in creating sentimental and elegant wedding bouquets, unique to every couple’s special day.